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Aerodyne’s DT3 solutions are resolving complex pain points of major industries worldwide by offering valuable capabilities for applications for renewable energy infrastructures such as wind turbines (WTG) and solar farms. 

Drone Solar Plant Inspection

  1. Large inspection area coverage at one go using drones.
  2. Module inspection and tracking.
  3. Thermal inspection.
  4. Shading analysis.
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Faster inspections
$ 1000
Average cost saving per MW


Cloud-based solar panel inspection and management solutions.

Key Solutions

Tracker Alignment
Assessment on tracker angles and identification of misaligned trackers

Module Inspection
Perform RGB and thermal inspection of the solar module

Geotag Defects
Assign GPS coordinate to individual defects for efficient repair works


GIS, visual centric and full life cycle, cloud based asset management solution provides wholistic understanding of asset health and performance. 

Turnkey solutions based on easily customizable “building blocks” give our customers a platform perfectly suited to their specific requirements.

Get your own custom build solutions, now.